Cursive writing: Letter I

Students practice writing the letter "I" in upper and lower case in these printable cursive writing worksheets.

Cursive writing Letter I
Cursive writing Letter I

Practicing the letter I in cursive

Kids need to have alphabetic cursive writing knowledge before they start going to school. It is important for them to know the letter names in order to recognize and recite the letters. You cannot expect kids to learn all the 26 letters at once. Help them learn the letters of the alphabet with Our free, printable cursive handwriting worksheets like cursive letter I worksheets. In addition to recognizing and writing the letter, kids can also learn words starting with the letter I. To enhance the learning experience, there are free letter I worksheets for preschoolers printable available online.

Learning letters are mandatory for kids to enhance their reading and writing skills. From the age of 2-3 years, kids develop an interest in learning alphabet letters. To initiate the process of learning, the cursive letter I worksheets for kids will do great wonders in terms of identification and recitation of alphabets. Letter Tracing Worksheet enable children to find the letter and recite it in order to remember them for long periods of time. There are numerous types of the free letter I worksheets available for kids. Parents and teachers just need to keep track of what they are learning.

Cursive Handwriting: "I" is for Iguana

Iguana is here to help your students practice the Lowercase Cursive Letter I! Kids learn how to form the letter; they practice tracing and writing. Students learn the occupation that starts with this letter. Included is the Lowercase Cursive I version of the printed letter. Letters are based on Zaner-Bloser’s handwriting style. This handwriting worksheet has a 1/2-inch horizontal ruling and is suitable for second-grade students.

It’s not conceited to say I is important, because it is! Vowels are the workhorses of the alphabet. This worksheet helps your student’s cursive writing. There is a single letter practice along with words and a sentence. And, of course, all feature the letter I.

Cursive writing Letter I For Iguana
Cursive writing Letter I For Iguana

Good penmanship helps kids (and adults!) create handwritten cards and letters that others will cherish. Kids practice writing capital and lowercase "I" in cursive on this worksheet by tracing the letters and then writing their own. They also trace a cursive sentence, then write their own. This worksheet helps your child learn to write legibly in cursive, allowing correct spacing between letters in a word and words in a sentence.

The letter H is formed with a straight, diagonal forward stroke. At the top of the stroke, hook back smoothly to create a crescent shape.

Cursive writing Capital Letter I
Cursive writing Capital Letter I

In this cursive I worksheet, trace all the loops and don’t forget to dot your letters! This handwriting worksheet runs kids through the writing process of learning cursive. They will trace letters, write them on their own, and combine all their cursive knowledge in a longer sentence. This cursive handwriting practice pairs well with the third-grade curriculum.

Cursive writing Lowercase Letter i
Cursive writing Lowercase Letter i

This free printable worksheet is the best way to learn about how to write the cursive letter I in both uppercase and lowercase letter. Also, the students will get additional practice by tracing the cursive sentence in this worksheet. Then, they are asked to write them on their own.

Help your child trace, write, and practice cursive I with the help of this worksheet.

Check out these Colorful Letter I Tracing Worksheets to find more letter I coloring worksheets. Here you will find tricks and tips to write cursive I…in fun ways!

Uppercase and Lowercase Cursive Writing Letter I Practice Worksheet

I is the 9th letter in the world of the alphabet. The letter I is one of the important vowels in the English language. This letter plays a vital role in word formation. Teach kids some simple words that begin with the letter I, namely ice, ice cream, ink, iron, island, etc., Then, provide them with the cursive letter I worksheets available at EBOOKCOLORING'S. These worksheets for kids help them practice regularly and master how to write I in cursive letter. Moreover, practicing these cursive letters worksheets can be a fun, exciting and interactive learning experience for your little one.

Learn to write the letter I in cursive. This worksheet has traceable uppercase and lowercase letter I's in cursive. Kids are asked to trace the cursive I's and then write them on their own as well as trace some words that have the letter I.

Cursive Writing Letter I Practice Worksheet
Cursive Writing Letter I Practice Worksheet

Why Should Children Learn Cursive Writing?

Cursive writing plays an integral part in the kids learning phase. Here are a few points that explain to you the importance of practicing cursive letter I worksheets.

  • When kids form cursive letters using a pen or a pencil, they eventually develop a solid handgrip.
  • When the little ones learn the cursive letter formation, it connects their hand and eye.
  • Cursive writing is helpful for kids to overcome dyslexia.
  • Develops a speed in writing notes and with minimal errors.
  • When their handwriting is legible and clear, they score well in their academics.
  • Also, they can express their ideas creatively in cursive letters.

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How to Write a Cursive Capital “I”

Learning how to write a cursive capital I is a bit deceptive. It’s usually thought of as one of the easiest letters of the alphabet to write which is true with script letters. It’s a little different for the cursive I. It isn’t a difficult letter to master, but it certainly isn’t as easy as a lot of people might assume it would be. For that reason, you’ll need to spend a bit of extra time practicing it in order to master writing in. It also makes sense to begin this practice by first watching a video on how to write a cursive capital I before sitting down and actually putting a pencil to paper. By doing this, you’ll be much more familiar with the stroke plus get tips on the areas where people often make errors when writing the cursive I. Once you’ve watched the video a few times and better understand the way a cursive capital I is written, you can begin to try to do it yourself.

How to Write a Cursive Capital I
How to Write a Cursive Capital I

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “i”

The good news is that learning to write the cursive “i” is one of the easier cursive letters to learn. It shouldn’t take too long to master this letter as long as you’re willing to put in a bit of effort to practice writing it. Before that, however, the best first step you can take to learning the cursive “i” is to watch a video of the “i” being properly written. Watching how to write a cursive “i” before actually trying to attempt it yourself will help you have a better concept of how to write it and the stroke involved to write it correctly. Below you’ll find a video showing the proper way to write a D’Nealian cursive “i” which once you watch, should help you quickly master writing this letter when you begin to write it yourself.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive i
How to Write a Lowercase Cursive i

Our worksheets are high-resolution letter-sized printable PDFs. To download, simply click on the link bellow. These printable are for personal, non-commercial use only.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cursive Letter I

1. Why should kids learn from the cursive letter I worksheets?
cursive letter I worksheets allow children to learn at their own pace and comfort. If they haven’t understood a concept or a part of a lesson, they can take their teachers or parents’ help to learn them and continue practicing. Moreover, the cursive letter I worksheets foster revision and practice of the alphabet.

2. How To Make Kids Practice cursive letter I worksheets?
cursive letter I worksheets can be practiced on a regular basis to learn the alphabet. Allow them to recognize the letter and motivate them to practice efficiently. Moreover, you can download multiple copies of cursive letter I worksheets for their practice.

3. How to write the cursive small letter I?
When starting the stroke, begin below the middle line. Take the stroke towards the bottom line, and leave the tag on the right side to connect the cursive letter I to the following letter in the word. Ensure to remember to dot the cursive small letter I.

4. Why are cursive letters important?
Cursive letters are important because they improve the little ones’ handwriting and increase their speed. Also, cursive letters help kids overcome dyslexia and improve their overall cognitive development and motor skills.

5. What are the types of cursive letter I worksheets for kids?
The types of the cursive letter I worksheets for kids are cursive I capital letter worksheets, the cursive small letter I worksheets, colouring and cursive writing letter I tracing worksheets.