Cursive writing: Letter N

Students practice writing the letter "N" in upper and lower case in these printable cursive writing worksheets.

Turquoise White Cursive writing Letter N For Narwhal
Turquoise White Cursive writing Letter N For Narwhal

Students gain valuable cursive handwriting practice with this worksheet featuring the cursive letter N. Nikki and her knitting needles will help your child learn to write a nice and neat cursive N, as well as practice correct spacing between letters and words. Kids will practice tracing and then writing both the uppercase and lowercase letter N before tracing a full sentence in this handwriting worksheet.

Practicing the letter N in cursive

Learn to write the letter N in cursive. This worksheet has traceable uppercase and lowercase letter N's in cursive. Kids are asked to trace the cursive N's and then write them on their own as well as trace some words that have the letter N.

Cursive Handwriting: "N" is for Narwhal

Good penmanship helps kids (and adults!) create handwritten cards and letters that others will cherish. Kids practice writing capital and lowercase "N" in cursive on this worksheet by tracing the letters and then writing their own. They also trace a cursive sentence, then write their own. This worksheet helps your child learn to write legibly in cursive, allowing correct spacing between letters in a word and words in a sentence.

How to Write a Cursive Capital “N”

The good news is that the cursive capital N tends to fall on the easier side of all of the capital cursive letters. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have to put any effort into it, but with a minimal amount of practice, you should get the hang of writing this letter quite quickly. One of the best approaches to master this letter is to watch a video on how to properly write a cursive capital N before attempting to write it yourself. This gives you the opportunity to watch the correct way to write this letter and also see some of the more common mistakes those learning how to write a cursive capital N make. By taking the time to view the video, you put yourself in a much better position to quickly master writing the cursive capital N when you begin to write it.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “n”

For those who have been learning the cursive alphabet in order from “a” to “z”, you’ll be happy to know that the cursive “n” is one of the easier cursive letters to learn. While you’ll still need to put in both time and effort to feel confident writing it, and eventually master this letter, it shouldn’t be overly difficult to succeed. The best first step you can take to properly learn how to write this letter is to watch a video of if being correctly written. While there will be a temptation to try to write it on your own before watching a video, taking the time to watch the video first will be quite beneficial. It will show you the proper stroke for the cursive “n” as well as mistakes that beginners often make with this letter. Watching the video will help you more quickly master the correct stroke while avoiding common mistakes.