Sailor Moon coloring pages

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free printable Sailor Moon coloring page
free printable Sailor Moon coloring page

Sailor Moon originally translated as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and later as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. It was originally serialized in Kodansha's shōjo manga magazine Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997; the 52 individual chapters were published in 18 volumes. The series follows the adventures of a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino as she transforms into Sailor Moon to search for a magical artifact, the "Legendary Silver Crystal" . She leads a group of comrades, the Sailor Soldiers, called Sailor Guardians in later editions, as they battle against villains to prevent the theft of the Silver Crystal and the destruction of the Solar System.

The manga was adapted into an anime series produced by Toei Animation and broadcast in Japan from 1992 to 1997. Toei also developed three animated feature films, a television special, and three short films based on the anime. A live-action television adaptation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, aired from 2003 to 2004, and a second anime series, Sailor Moon Crystal, began simulcasting in 2014.

It’s popular among children and adults alike because of its art, characterization, and humor. The dynamic heroines and action-filled stories truly changed the magical girl genre and have captured the hearts of millions.

Kids who are fans of Sailor Moon will enjoy these beautiful and extra challenging Sailor Moon coloring pages we’ve prepared.

Here are 10 free Sailor Moon printable designed to bring out the creative Sailor Soldiers in kids.

The BEST Sailor Moon Coloring Pages – Free to Print and Color

One day, a 14-year-old underachieving young schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino meets a magical talking cat named Luna. Luna gives Usagi the ability to transform into her magical alter ego, Sailor Moon, tasked with locating the moon princess and battling the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom

This Sailor Moon coloring pages for kids showcases her Sailor Moon costume. She wears a white leotard with a blue-collar that has three stripes on it and light-yellow shoulder pads. She has white gloves and a blue skirt. Sailor Moon also sports a red bow on her chest and her back.

In this free printable Sailor Moon coloring page, she is seen wearing her Pink Moon Rod, her first weapon used to perform Pink Sugar Heart Attack and Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages Pink Moon Rod

When Usagi transforms for the first time into her magical sailor suit with Luna's help, she overreacts and reluctantly accepts her fate, not sure what has happened to her. At the time she does not know the enemies she will face, the friends she will make, or the experiences ahead of her. As she moves forward, she accepts her fate, and realizes the importance of fighting evil.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon Coloring Pages sitting on a crescent moon

The Dark Kingdom, led by Queen Beryl, summons various monsters called Youma in order to sap energy from humans and feed it to an evil entity known as Queen Metaria. They also seek the Silver Crystal (「幻の銀水晶」, Maboroshi no Ginzuishō, lit. "Phantom Silver Crystal"),

📌 This Sailor Moon coloring page for kids is a simple and easy-to-color layout. It shows the features of Sailor Moon up close and contains big lines making it easy to follow for kids with small hands.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon coloring page for kids

a gem capable of limitless power. As Usagi battles against the Dark Kingdom, she is joined by other girls also awakening as Sailor Soldiers: the timid but intelligent Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury), the hot-headed miko Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), the tomboyish but romantic Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter), and the aspiring idol Minako Aino (Sailor Venus). Minako is joined by Artemis, her feline advisor and Luna's partner. The Sailor Soldiers are often supported by the mysterious Tuxedo Mask whose civilian form is Mamoru Chiba, a college student with whom Usagi eventually becomes romantically involved.

Sailor Moon can be overly dramatic but cares very deeply for her friends and family. She cares about people and doesn’t like to kill innocent humans. Even when they have transformed into monsters, she opts to find ways to heal them instead of killing them.

In this free Sailor Moon printable, she is seen doing a peace sign pose with sparkles around her. This printable can be a good poster to hang up on the walls!

Sailor Moon coloring pages

free Sailor Moon printable

After continually thwarting the Dark Kingdom and defeating several of its generals, Usagi awakens as the moon princess, Princess Serenity, and acquires the Silver Crystal. However, Mamoru is captured by the Dark Kingdom and brainwashed to work for them. The Sailor Soldiers learn of their past lives on Silver Millennium, an ancient kingdom on the moon. The Sailor Soldiers served as Serenity's friends and bodyguards, and Serenity was in love with a prince from Earth named Endymion (Mamoru's past identity). However, the Dark Kingdom attacked and destroyed Silver Millennium, resulting in the deaths of Serenity, Endymion, and the Sailor Soldiers. Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity, used the power of the Silver Crystal to vanquish Queen Metaria and end the war. She also used the crystal to send the fallen into the future to be reborn on Earth, hoping to give them a second chance at peace

The Sailor Moon coloring pages contain various portraits of Sailor Moon. They are free to download and print.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon coloring pages contain various portraits of Sailor Moon

The Sailor Soldiers eventually pinpoint the location of the Dark Kingdom at the North Pole (D-Point) and travel there. While there, Sailor Moon's teammates are attacked and killed by Youma sent by Queen Beryl. Sailor Moon is then attacked by Prince Endymion, who has been brainwashed by Queen Beryl. Sailor Moon is able to free him from Queen Beryl’s control, but he is killed by Queen Beryl. Using the Silver Crystal, she then faces Queen Beryl (who has fused with Queen Metaria) as Princess Serenity, defeating her with the help of the fallen Sailor Soldiers' spirits and the Silver Crystal's power. However, Sailor Moon dies afterward but is able to use the last of the Silver Crystal's power to resurrect herself, the Sailor Soldiers, and Mamoru with one wish that they all get to live normal lives again. Everything on Earth is returned to normal, and no one retains any memories of these events, except for Luna and Artemis.

Our next free printable from our Sailor Moon coloring page for kids highlights the Pink Moon Rod of Sailor Moon. It’s her first primary weapon and is called the Mini Heart Moon Rod in other versions.

The Pink Moon Rod is colored pink with red and yellow-gold accents.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

free printable from our Sailor Moon coloring page for kids highlights the Pink Moon Rod of Sailor Moon

Some time later, a pair of extraterrestrials named Ail and Ann descend onto Earth with the Hell Tree which feeds on human energy. Ail and Ann summon monsters from cards — called Cardians — to prey on humans. In order to defend against these attacks, Luna restore the Sailor Soldiers' memories. Eventually, Ail and Ann are defeated, see the error of their ways, and return to space with the Makai Tree. During these events, Mamoru is able to reclaim his lost memories and begins a romantic relationship with Usagi. Shortly after these events, a pink-haired girl named Chibiusa falls from the sky. Chibiusa traveled from the future in order to find the Silver Crystal and use it to save her parents. She is followed by the Black Moon Clan, a new enemy force that is trying to kill her. Eventually, the Sailor Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask travel with Chibiusa to the future where Usagi rules Crystal Tokyo as Neo-Queen Serenity. They learn that Chibiusa is actually Usagi and Mamoru's future daughter, and they also meet Sailor Pluto who guards the Door of Space-Time. Eventually, the Sailor Soldiers battle against Wiseman, a dark force that was manipulating the Black Moon Clan with the intention of destroying Earth. Chibiusa is able to summon the Silver Crystal of the future and aids in the destruction of Wiseman. Afterwards, Chibiusa returns to her own time, now freed from the Black Moon Clan's corruption.

As the main protagonist and leader of the Sailor Soldiers, Sailor Moon has got some pretty special powers compared to other characters. She appears to be stronger too.

One of her famous attach techniques is the Supersonic Wave. It involves her red hairpieces acting as an amplifier for her wails.

Despite her powers, here she is in this Sailor Moon printable looking relaxed and smiling calmly.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon printable looking relaxed and smiling calmly

Some time later, the Sailor Soldiers encounter the Death Busters, an evil organization that is summoning monsters called Daimons to steal Heart Crystals from humans. Their intention is to locate three specific Heart Crystals that contain special Talismans. Joining the Sailor Soldiers are Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh, who operate as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectively. The two are also seeking the Talismans for different purposes and come into conflict with the other Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Pluto returns to the present day as Setsuna Meioh; Chibiusa also returns, now donning her own magical girl identity of Sailor Chibi Moon.

As Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon while chanting “In the name of the moon”, her hands are doing a hand signal or sign language translating to “I love you”.

This hand signal is common in most Sailor Moon poses, and as seen here in this Sailor Moon coloring page.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon coloring page hand signal is common in most Sailor Moon poses

The Death Busters eventually discover that Haruka and Michiru hold two of the Talismans and acquire them at the cost of their lives, but Setsuna — who holds the third — revives them. The Talismans create the Holy Grail, allowing Usagi to acquire a second form: Super Sailor Moon. The Death Busters' intentions then change to harvesting Heart Crystals en masse to resurrect the malevolent entity known as Mistress 9. Chibiusa also befriends a sickly girl named Hotaru, unaware that she is the daughter of the Death Busters' leader, Professor Tomoe. Unknown to her, Hotaru is also Sailor Saturn, a Sailor Soldier capable of destroying and rebirthing entire planets. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna fear that her awakening will result in Earth's destruction and plead for Usagi to kill her.

Sailor Moon ends her transformation with her signature pose, the “V” symbol over her eyes, or the peace sign. It could be V for victory. But it has become her signature stance that pop culture has related it to Sailor Moon.

This Sailor Moon printable features her in this signature pose with the moon and sparkles as part of her portrait.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

Sailor Moon printable features her in this signature pose with the moon and sparkles

Our Sailor Moon coloring pages are filled with Sailor Moon portraits that kids can enjoy coloring.

This free Sailor Moon printable is a full-body poster of her, where she stands proudly showcasing her full costume.

This coloring page will level up the coloring skills of kids as it contains many shapes and details.

Sailor Moon coloring pages

free Sailor Moon printable is a full-body poster of her